I’ve been Freshly Pressed?


It’s hard to believe but my post ‘Is a traffic jam a tribe?‘ has been featured on Freshly Pressed. I think it goes without saying, it comes as a complete surprise.

First of all I should thank the WordPress staff for stumbling across my blog and, among the thousands and thousands of quality posts written here daily, placarding it with a little blue sign. I’d also like to thank my preexisting readers (like Tyler, Mike, Jolene, Bart from Words Fusion and many others) for their stimulating comments and great content. I know I spend a lot of time critiquing ideas of community and connectivity, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that the WordPress community is something special.

Which brings me to my next point. Welcome to any new readers! A quick rundown: this blog is set up to question just how global the ‘global’ age really is. It’s about looking at the complexity of human relationships in a global/online world, and exploring the odd paradoxes and questions which rise out of the phenomenon of modern connectivity, whatever that means.

On top of traffic jams, I’ve looked at whether you can make eye contact over Skype and how streetbenches hide secret communities of their own. Soon I’ll be writing a bit on Facebook and how it fits into this equation.

In getting to the bottom of this ‘connectivity’ thing, this blog will thrive on participation. I strongly believe that behind every person is a human, so I encourage you to tell me your own stories from your lives, offer your insight, and don’t be afraid to plug your own posts if they even remotely apply to the content I post here (just give a little explanation first). I’ll try my darnedest to reblog the best and reply to most if not all your comments. You could start by letting me know your top 5 ways to connect.

With that, thanks for checking me out and I look forward to connecting with you all much more in the future. New post coming in 3-4 days.




21 thoughts on “I’ve been Freshly Pressed?

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  2. I am a huge advocate for the tangible contact of true experience over the cellular virtual outreach that has come to be known as connected. My blog is more of a place for me to just make sure treasured thoughts don’t slip away when my computer crashes. However, I find that many of my posts relate to this concept of technology. Check it out if you like tatteredpiecesofself.wordpress.com

  3. Hey Mark, I just started reading your blog and from what I’ve seen it is totally FP material. In answer to your question about communication, I strongly prefer to communicate through writing. It gives me a chance to make sure what I’m saying makes sense before I send it out into the universe! And on a somewhat related note, I’ve seen some very inspiring messages and conversations written inside stalls of public women’s bathrooms.

  4. Okay this post convinced me. I loved the tribe article. but sometimes I follow way too many blogs and I do not have a chance to get to read them all, but the two essays I have read are very well worded. The arguments are precise and they are enlightening to say the least. Best 5 ways to connect, eating food, going to yoga, blogging, skype, and calming my anxious voice and listening.

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